As mentioned in Semana Uno, Ramona and I looked to return to Manuel Antonio for a bit of a long haul. We had booked a place above a bar/restaurant seated at the edge of a cliff, with a balcony overlooking the ocean. What could go wrong? Living away from “home” for more than just a fleeting vacation moment is one of experiences that attracted me to our yearlong adventure abroad. When on vacation, time seems to fly by. When living hundreds or thousands of miles away from home, time seems to relax. One settles and builds their own customs and routines, and starts a newRead More →

*We have come and gone from Arenal, so this post is a couple of months delayed…sorry!* Ramona and I departed Tamarindo for our next destination on Friday, September 15th, which also happened to be Costa Rica’s independence day. Our shuttle ride was a little more interesting than anticipated; there were parades and other celebrations occurring along our route, sometimes blocking the road and causing minor delays. We were taking a brief reprieve from the beach to enter “volcano mode”, as Ramona coined it, by staying in the shadow of Arenal Volcano (Volcán Arenal), in the small town of La Fortuna de San Carlos, more commonly referred to asRead More →

When last we left off, Ramona and I were hopping a Grayline shuttle on a Friday morning, heading to Tamarindo, the second stop on our year-long tour in Costa Rica. Shortly after we arrived at our rented condo, we encountered El Horno Loco (the mad oven). But first, the rest of the week. Tamarindo is a popular beach town located in the Nicoya Peninsula, in the Guanacaste Province. Now when I say Tamarindo is popular, I mean it is popular almost exclusively with a few groups of people: American and European tourists, and Tico surfers. In particular, there are a lot of small shops andRead More →

Welp, we did it.   We have arrived in Costa Rica. We are living in Costa Rica. By the simplest of definitions, Ramona and I have now achieved our goal. The goal started as just an idea, a want, romanticized about on early dates, fantasized about while on vacations together, discussed during long drives, elaborated on over late night dinners and glasses of wine, planned out over weekend brunches, and kicked off in earnest immediately after our wedding. But more on that later…this just the beginning.   Our flight into Costa Rica (not Puerto Rico – a very easy mistake to make. Also, Costa Rica, not anRead More →